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DALCOS PXN: hydraulic punching technology

Versatile and productive Dalcos® coil punching machines.

Dalcos has been manufacturing PXN coil-fed punching machines with hydraulically operated heads since 1988.
An extremely simple operating principle makes this system truly efficient: the numerically controlled feeder moves the coil in the direction of the X axis, while the hydraulic punch heads move on a carriage in direction Y.
Dalcos punching machines and punching lines can make production more efficient: the material is optimized up to 100% when coil processing and with continuous processing, production is faster than with any traditional sheet-fed system.


Simple to use, productive and flexible

Dalcos PXN operating system is extremely simple; the lines offer a compact footprint consisting of:

1. Decoiler

The decoiler stocks the raw material used by the punching machine. The machining process is automatic when using coils and the machine can work for hours or even days before an operator needs to load a new coil

2. Straightener

Dalcos RD straightener has a set of staggered rollers arranged on 2 planes to remove the coil set (curvature) resulting from the strip being wound on a reel. The straightener is built into the feeder in Dalcos lines with ERGO feeder.

3. Feeder

The feeder controls the X position of the coil. PXN punching machines are set up with the best Dalcos coil feeders so that maximum performance in terms of speed and precision can be achieved.

► Dalcos VEGA Bialternato® feeder feeds prepainted and prefinished materials with 0.3 up to 2mm gauge, with or without protective film

► Dalcos VEGA Bialternato® feeder with hydraulic clamps feeds prepainted and prefinished materials with 0.3 up to 3mm gauge, with or without protective film

► AR Speed roller feeder allows long products to be fed with high precision very fast and is suitable for materials with up to 3mm gauge

► ERGO® feeder with integrated straightener enables materials with gauge of up to 4mm to be machined

4. Punching machine

La punzonatrice PXN incThe PXN punching machine includes moving heads along the Y-axis, fixed heads (optional) and cutter for cutting off the workpiece.
The moving heads control the Y-position during the punching (or forming) process and make the system very flexible. In fact the same tool can be used in several positions or for nibbling to make, for example, a rectangle starting from a smaller square punch
The tools are housed in the ARC tool post arches allowing the number of moving tools to be customized. The PXN moving heads accommodate standard thick tower punches that are available worldwide. These tools have stations identified with letters of the alphabet, each one indicating the maximum size of the punchable figure

  • Type "A", diameter 12.7mm
  • Type "B", diameter 31.7mm
  • Type "C", diameter 50.8mm
  • Type "D", diameter 88.9mm
  • Type "E", diameter 114.3mm
  • Type "F", diameter 154mm
  • Multitool: utensile che porta fino a 8, 10 e fino a 20 utensili di diametro più piccolo

Multi Tool: tool that houses 8 or 10 and even up to 20 smaller diameter tools.
DALCOS® G-TOOLS rotary tool posts may also be included in the set-up for even greater machine flexibility.
The fixed heads are in fact in-line hydraulic presses in which multiple or special machining tools can be mounted to obtain high production rates (there are precise rules for deciding whether it is more cost-effective to carrying out single-stroke machining or nibbling, or whether it is more efficient to use special tools).
Lastly, the integrated cutter cuts off the product and delivers it to the stacking system or to the next stage in the processing.

5. Unloading system and subsequent machining

After the product has been cut off it is stacked by means of a simple trapdoor table and height-adjustable hydraulic table, or it is delivered via roller table or conveyor belt to the next machining systems in the line.

For example the PXN may be connected to:

  • Roll formers
  • Panel machines
  • Forming/bending machines
  • Robotic bending machines

6. Control panel, parametric and CNC programming

Dalcos PXN HMI control system has been developed and refined over 25 years to exploit to the full the advantages of coil processing.

Simplicity has been the keyword in developing our interfaces: e.g. an operator performs on average only half the number of steps on Dalcos machines compared to those of main competitors' software, just to get production started!

There are two main methods of programming the machines from the office: parametric programming and CNC programming

ECAM parametric programming

The advantages of parametric programming can be fully exploited when coil processing. The products being made often belong to a family with similar features, where only certain dimensions change (e.g. length). With ECAM software, MASTER PROGRAMS can be created that include up to 50 independent parameters and 500 dependent variables.

Once the MASTER program has been created, the parameters can be acquired from precompiled excel spreadsheets: ECAM software produces a sequence of .JOB files and a .JOBLIST file that includes the quantities to be made. This operation takes place without operator intervention and the programs can be transferred immediately to the machine through RJ45 or USB connection.

CNC programming

CNC programming is similar to that for the sheet-fed punching machines: the DXFs are acquired with the shapes of the products to be made and information regarding the type of available tools is transferred to the machine. The software automatically generates the punching coordinates, which may be acquired via NC file by Dalcos punching machine.

Dalcos punching machines are designed to use many types of CNC programming software, which are generally acquired by our customers. On request Dalcos supplies ALMACAM CNC programming software for punching machines and laser cutters.

7. Applications of PXN technology

PXN machines are used in many sheet metal processing sectors:

  • frames for reinforced and fire doors
  • emergency/security doors
  • lighting fixtures
  • products for light metalwork
  • filter frames
  • large panels
  • switchgear panels
  • agricultural products
  • metal furniture
  • shelving
  • electrical cabinets
  • air treatment products
  • mail boxes
  • road signs and signals