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Simple and brilliant: Dalcos LXN Vision - COIL AND SHEET fed Laser Cutting Solutions

Dalcos has employed cutting-edge technologies to manufacture LXN coil-fed laser cutting lines that are versatile, highly efficient e and easy to use. By using fiber optic laser, production rate is fast with high energy efficiency and thanks to the integrated Vision system, the machine guarantees the maximum accuracy.

+ Versatility

With its Vision system, Dalcos LXN processes single sheets and continuous coils in the easiest way; it is therefore ideal both for the most flexible productions, and for the manufacturing of large batches in an automatic process. In addition Dalcos LXN Vision is the easiest way to process very long products, up to 14 meters.

+ Efficiency

Dalcos Vision system identifies the edges of the strip or the pre-cut holes, and allows for the material utilization up to 100% by processing material until the edges. In addition Dalcos LXN 1500 model has a total width of 1550mm that allows the use of large coils with uneven edges, without the need of side guides for the material: Dalcos vision system centers the processing at each step.

+ Speed

The automatic process cycle allows Dalcos LXN Vision continuous processing up to 24 hours with one coil: thanks to the speed of the fiber laser and the simultaneous loading and unloading, Dalcos LXN reaches the highest REAL production rates. Furthermore, with the process table with the length 2000 and 2500mm executes with the highest speed both complex nested products, and very long products.


Dalcos LXN systems are the answer to the continually evolving demands of the modern manufacturing industry by providing a highly versatile machine very easy to use and able to cut both SHEETS AND COILS up to 6, 8 and 12 meters in length.
There are two sizes of LXN fiber optic laser systems available: up to 1000 and 1500mm in width and virtually infinite length, featuring a compact footprint.

LXN has a user-friendly process offering more possibilities than traditional lasers.

When processing from coils, the material is unwound by a decoiler and then paid out by the feeder into the machine. Dalcos LXN laser processing table measures 1000x1000mm, 1000x2000 or 1550x2500mm, and the material is machined sequentially, one section after another.

Dalcos LXN uses our patented Dalcos Vision system to set the laser cutting to the exact position of the strip edge and of the machined holes to ensure maximum cutting accuracy.

This unique feature along with the in line processing opens up the path to many more applications than traditional lasers: for example, parts can be produced with exactly the same width as the coil using up to 100% of the material and with the utmost precision and repeatability.

With DALCOS LXN 1500, the Vision system makes it possible to work from coils coming directly from the steel mills, and with uneven edges; in fact the vision system eliminates the need of the side guides as the processing is continuously set to the pre-cut holes.

When processing standard or pre-cut sheets, these are placed on a roller table at the machine inlet. The sheet is then inserted into the processing area and Dalcos vision system establishes the position of the sheet corners and edges and immediately starts the machining. The smallest LXN machine has a footprint of just 1.5x2 meters and cuts sheets up to 12 meters in length very easily and accurately.

Simplicity meets state-of-the-art laser cutting technology.

Operation of Dalcos LXN coil-fed laser cutting lines is user friendly. The lines have a compact footprint and consist of the following elements.


When processing coils, the decoiler acts as raw material storage system. Dalcos LXN machine offers all the advantages of coil-fed production, namely automated production, 100% optimization of material and extremely high-speed cutting. Decoilers are available with capacities of 6, 8 or 10 tons.


The straightener receives the material from the coil and eliminates the curvature caused by being wound on the reel. The straightener is built directly into the feeder in the standard LXN versions to offer an extremely compact footprint.

Roller table for insertion of pre-cut sheets

Length 4 meters. This optional element is required by customers whose production is not only standard but also requires the insertion of pre-cut sheets into the machine. With this element, sheets of different materials and thickness can be machined.

Larger roller tables are also supplied for feeding single sheets up to 12 meters long.


The feeder inserts the material either continuously or step-by-step into the machine to allow sequential machining of the material.

► (photo ERGO) The feeder with built-in straightener allows materials with gauge up to 3mm to be machined. Different feeders are available on request.

LXN laser cutter

The material finally arrives on the laser processing table, which is available in the sizes 1000x1000mm and 1500x1000mm. The laser head moves along the X and Y axes to cut the material as required. Precision cutting is guaranteed by the patented Dalcos ACX vision system.

The DALCOS LXN machines use IPG 1kW to 4kW laser sources combining high efficiency with low maintenance costs.

Programming: intelligent software and immediate interface.

ALMACAM's CNC programming software is used for programming single products, job lists and nesting directly from the DXFs of the parts to be manufactured.

A complete range of unloading and separation systems.

All the LXN machines can be equipped with customized unloading systems: from simple Dumonde trapdoors to Dalcos Smartbatch stackers, ideal for parts that are the same width as the coil. If the preference is for nested-based machining of products, Dalcos offers customized solutions with robots that carefully separate and stack the products ready for further processing.

Material optimization and maximum thru-put result in a wide range of applications

Products made using Dalcos LXN machines can have the same width as the coil and 100% material optimization is therefore possible. Nested-based machining is also possible in the working area, resulting in great flexibility and excellent thru-put.

LXN offers a better performance than a traditional laser cutting system because it eliminates sheet loading and product unloading times.

LXN machines are currently used in a great number of sectors, such as:

  • metal furniture
  • shelving
  • lighting fixtures
  • road signs and signals
  • air conditioning
  • automotive
  • reinforced and fire doors
  • suspended ceilings
  • job shops