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Separating and Sorting system for laser cutting machines


The latest developments in laser cutting automation open up a wide range of new possibilities for sheet metal manufacturers.

Modern and innovative Powersort system for Dalcos LXN machines, allows the laser cutting of the material in suspension, with these main advantages:

  • Simple separation of the parts
  • Possibility to process materials without the underlying supporting blades, thus eliminating the flashback phenomenon
  • Easy disposal of large cutouts in the material
  • Easy elimination of the skeleton
  • Simple processing of thin - to very thin material (range 0,15 to 2mm)


The new Dalcos LXN equipped with Powersort separating and sorting system lets you laser cut and separate parts from 0,15 to 2mm thickness in a fast, safe and automated way.The patented tensioning system allows for the cutting of the metal without any supporting system and the processing of thin materials is easy and quick.

Easy part separation:

  • The process starts from a metal coil, introduced into the Dalcos LXN by the roller feeder.
  • Dalcos Powersort clamps the edge of the material and holds it in tension over a length of up to 1 meter.
  • At this point, the laser cutting head cuts out all the internal holes and the scrap falls directly into the scrap tray
  • A metal belt conveyor moves then underneath the metal strip, and the laser head cuts the external shape of the parts that are extracted one by one from the machine.
  • Thanks to a second bidirectional belt conveyor, different parts can be sorted to the left or right side of the machine.
  • At the end of the processing, the belt conveyor moves away from the laser cutting zone; the skeleton is cut via the laser head and falls into the scrap tray along with the internal scrap.