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Efficient, Ecologic, Powerful. Coil fed.

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Dalcos has been manufacturing EXN coil punching machines with servo-electric actuation of the heads since 2011.
The operating principle is very simple: the numerically controlled feeder moves the coil in the direction of the X axis, while the hydraulic punch heads move on a carriage in direction Y; the actuator is a servo press which develops a force of 20 tons and moves along the X and Y axes above the punches.

All EXN punching machines offer greatly reduced energy consumption plus a type of tool tower configuration that can evolve according to customer needs: tool post arches can be purchased for insertion into the punch carriage to change the turret configuration and adapt the machine to other future production requirements.

Dalcos punching machines and punching lines can make more efficient production: when machining from coils the material is optimized up to 100% and, with continuous processing, production is faster than the other traditional systems.


Easy-to-use compact lines

The electric coil-punching machine EXN is on the cutting edge of Dalcos technological evolution. Fitted with Dalcos Select® electric actuator, it can reach up to 500 strokes a minute when nibbling and obtains a force of 20 tons on all the tools with a result of high performance, very low noise operation and minimum electric demand.

The application of this innovative technology optimizes operating and maintenance costs making EXN up to 80% more efficient. Furthermore it eliminates the oil from the plant and the relevant disposal. All this is the fruit of ongoing Dalcos research to develop environmentally friendly technologies with lower running costs and almost zero environmental impact.

There is a number of different size Dalcos EXN machines designed to process materials between 40 and 1000mm in width.

The wide range of available accessories and setups means that the plant can be fully customized.

The machining process is simple and fast. The line consists of:


The decoiler acts as an automatic raw material storage system. The EXN system decoilers load coils from 4000kg up to 10000kg in the standard versions.


The material unwound by the decoiler enters Dalcos RD straightener, which removes the curvature (coil set) caused by being wound on a reel. The straightener consists of a set of staggered rollers on 2 planes that brings the material into the plastic state when it can be straightened. In the EXN ERGO version, the straightener is built into the feeder.


The material then enters a loop control and later passes into the feeder, which controls the punching positions in the X direction. The EXNs are set up with the best Dalcos coil feeders.

► VEGA Bialternato® feeder inserts prepainted and prefinished materials with gauge up to 2mm, with or without protective film, with great precision into the machine

► VEGA Bialternato® feeder with hydraulic clamps inserts prepainted and prefinished materials with gauge up to 3mm, with or without protective film, into the machine

► ERGO® feeder with built-in straightener allows materials up to 4mm gauge to be machined

Servo electric punching machine

The feeder pushes the material into the punching area of the EXN: the tools move in the Y direction inside the solid four-pillar closed structure of EXN. The EXN machine uses standard thick turret tools that can be purchased from many manufacturers all over the world, to have always the most cost-effective tooling for your Dalcos EXN.

These tools have stations identified by alphabetic letters, each one indicating the maximum size of the punchable figure

  • Type "A", diameter 12.7mm
  • Type "B", diameter 31.7mm
  • Type "C", diameter 50.8mm
  • Type "D", diameter 88.9mm
  • Type "E", diameter 114.3mm
  • Type "F", diameter 154mm

These tools are mounted in two tool post arches, each one holding up to:

  • 8 A tools, 6B and 2C
  • 2B, 1D and 1E
  • 1F
  • 2B, 2C rotary index

EXN machines are available with different turret configurations and the tool post arches can be changed later, allowing the machine configuration to evolve and adapt to future production requirements.

In addition to the moving heads, EXNs can be fitted with a fixed servo-electric press, developing a force of 60 tons and up to 150 strokes a minute. Multiple, micro-perforating or special machining tools can be mounted in this press to obtain high production rates (there are precise rules for deciding whether it is more cost-effective to carrying out single-stroke machining or nibbling, or whether it is more efficient to use special tools).

Once the punching is finished, the built-in electric cutter cuts off the product ready for stacking by means of a simple trapdoor table and height-adjustable hydraulic table, or for delivery via roller table or conveyor belt to the next machining systems in the line.

EXN may, for example, be connected to panel machines as well as manual or robotic forming/bending machines

Control panel, parametric and CNC programming

Dalcos EXN HMI control system has been developed to exploit the full advantages of coil processing.

Simplicity has been the keyword in developing our interfaces: e.g. the operator, working on Dalcos machines, carries on only half of production starting steps, than those required by the main software competitors!

There are two main methods to program the machines from the office: parametric programming and CNC programming.

ECAM parametric programming

The advantages of parametric programming are fully exploited when machining from coils. The products often made belong to a family with similar specifications, where only certain dimensions change (e.g. length). MASTER PROGRAMS are created by ECAM software, and include up to 50 independent parameters and 500 dependent variables.
Once the MASTER program has been created, the parameters are acquired from precompiled excel spreadsheets: the ECAM software produces a sequence of .JOB files and a .JOBLIST file including the quantities to be made. This operation takes place without operator intervention and the programs are immediately transferred to the machine through RJ45 or USB connection.

CNC programming

CNC programming is similar to that for the sheet-fed punching machines: DXFs are acquired with the shapes of the products to be made and information regarding the type of available tools is transferred to the machine. The software aut omatically generates the punching coordinates, which may be acquired via NC file by Dalcos punching machine.

Dalcos punching machines are designed to use many types of CNC programming software, which are generally acquired by our customers. On request Dalcos supplies ALMACAM CNC programming software for punching machines and laser cutters.


EXN machines are successfully used in many industrial sectors, such as:

  • frames for reinforced and fire doors
  • emergency/security doors
  • lighting fixtures
  • products for light metalwork
  • filter frames
  • large panels
  • switchgear panels
  • agricultural products
  • metal furniture
  • shelving
  • electrical cabinets
  • air treatment products
  • mail boxes
  • road signs and signals


  • Tonnage: 20 Ton
  • Turret type: evolving with customer's needs
  • Machinable gauges: from 0.4 to 4mm
  • Maximum machinable width: up to 800mm or 1000mm
  • Tools: various configurations available, up to 32 standard thick turret
  • Customizable number of in-line presses
  • Customizable unloading system