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All Dalcos coil punching and laser cutting systems have a compact footprint and very similar to each other. The systems consist of the following elements.


The decoiler stocks the raw material used by the system. The machine can work for hours or even days after loading just one coil, depending on the type of product, thickness of the material and size of the lots.
When producing workpieces that require the same coil thickness and width, Dalcos coil-processing system is designed to machine different products one after the other, eliminating machine downtime and skeleton scraps.
The decoiler may have single or double mandrel reels. A double mandrel reel allows a new coil to be loaded on one side while the other side continues to pay off material. Depending on production volume requirements, a coil car may also be fitted to speed up coil changeovers.


The material wound into a coil acquires a curvature that must be corrected before payout of the material into the machine. Dalcos RD straightener removes this coil set thanks to the action of a set of staggered rollers on 2 planes bringing the material into the plastic state when it can be straightened.
Low quality materials sometimes require the correction of different curvatures, such as camber, crossbow or edge wave. In these cases a leveler is necessary, which is a machine with a greater number of smaller diameter rollers. This type of machine is more expensive than a simple straightener and is necessary only in a limited number of practical cases.

Numerically controlled feeder

The feeder controls the X-position of the coil inside the machine. Dalcos manufactures different types of feeders, each having a specific application.
Dalcos VEGA numerically controlled clamp feeder is use for thin gauge materials from 0.3mm up to 3mm. It uses two moving clamps connected by a recirculating ball screw driven by a brushless motor. This system remains precise even when moving material backwards and forwards many times and is particularly recommended for very thin gauge and delicate materials.
Dalcos AR Speed numerically controlled roller feeder has two opposing rollers that push the material forward as they turn.
It is a very fast feeding system suitable for making long products requiring little machining from materials with gauge between 0.6mm and 3mm.
Lastly Dalcos ERGO feeder with built-in straightener is a roller feeder with built-in straightener at the inlet having 6 staggered rollers arranged on 2 planes. It is a system that is particularly suited to machining materials of up to 4mm gauge.

Cutting, punching and notching area

This area includes the coil punching machine or the coil laser cutting system, which cut and notch products. Each Dalcos cutting system has features that make it suitable for different applications, offering customized output and flexibility.
Dalcos PXN coil punching machine with hydraulic actuators is the system offering the best performance/price ratio and is used in particular by companies that have established lines of products (e.g.: lighting fixtures, metal doors and furniture).
Dalcos EXN servo electric coil-fed punching machine offers great cutting power and flexibility; it is used both by companies that make their own products and by job shops.

Dalcos LXN coil laser cutting system can also work from sheets and therefore offers maximum flexibility. It is used for highly varied productions, such as those found commonly in job shops.

Lastly Dalcos ELXN punch/laser combo machine combines extreme flexibility with peak productivity and is used in industries and in job shops with large and very large outputs.

A common feature of all Dalcos cutting technologies is that the net processing time is the effective processing time, since the loading and unloading time is reduced to zero. This is one of the factors that makes Dalcos coil-fed production technology the fastest on the market.

Unloading systems

Dalcos coil processing systems can be incorporated into production lines or used as stand-alone machines.

In the first case Dalcos punching machines and laser systems are in a line with roll-forming machines, bending machines and manual or robotic folding/bending machines.

As stand-alone machines Dalcos systems are integrated with various stacking systems.
The product is often left to fall into containers as it leaves the machine, from where it is picked up without any particular precision.
The most popular unloading system is the trapdoor unloading table, which consists of two sloping surfaces making the product fall and at the same time directing it towards the center.
A height-adjustable hydraulic table positioned underneath receives the workpieces and gradually lowers as the stack grows. The table can also be motorized for a cross movement to stack narrow, long products side by side.

Dalcos Smartbatch system with lateral discharge is used for the largest panels and is also excellent for products requiring a lot of machining as well as for sheets to produce nested products.

When a lot of different shaped products are to be obtained from a coil, then robotic unloading and palletizing systems connected to programming software are used.

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