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Dalcos exclusive vision system uses a high resolution camera that identifies either the strip/panel edges, or the pre-cut holes. The way it works is extremely simple for the operator, since all the operation is 100% transparent for them, and the algorithm developed by Dalcos software engineers takes care of the measuring and calibrating.

The picture and the position of the hole – or of the strip edge – is compared with the theoretical position given by the DXF drawing, and the differences are recorded. With 2 and up to 4 measurements the software identifies the X,Y differences; even if the panel is positioned at an angle, the Dalcos software will identify it and set the laser operations and the directions of the two axis to the real position of the part, with an accuracy of +/-0,1mm.

This technology allows Dalcos customers the following processes:

  • 1. Processing long parts up to 14 meters long
    With the accuracy guaranteed by the vision system, long parts are processed in the easiest way.
  • 2. Processing starting from coils and from pre-cut sheets  
    With Dalcos LXN Vision, it’s just as easy to work from sheets up to 14 meters long, and from continuous strip. In this way, the large batches can be processed in an automatic and continuous way (coil feeding enables up to 24 hours continuous production) and for the small batches, single sheets can be introduced via the Dalcos roller table.
  • 3. Working without any side guide and extremely fast setup
    Since the Vision system will take care of the positioning of the laser cutting, it is not necessary to adjust the guides precisely when changing coils or introducing a new panel.
  • 4. Working from coils coming directly from the steel mill
    With the Dalcos LXN 1500 Vision, the width is set to 1550mm: in this way it is possible to purchase steel directly from the steel mill without going through a service center with an additional economic advantage.
  • 5. Working from pre-punched panels
    The Dalcos vision system enables Dalcos to punch panels in the punching machine, complete with embossing and threading, and deliver them to the LXN Vision laser cutting system. It’s the world’s first punching and laser cutting system.
  • 6. Transforming ANY punching machine into a punch/laser combo system with simultaneous processing  
    In the same way, Dalcos LXN Vision can be installed right after any standard punching machine through a simple roller bench, receive from it a pre-punched panel and process on it all the required laser cutting. Any standard punching machine can be transformed into a simultaneous punch/laser combo line.

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