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Punching machines


The new frontier of coil-fed punching. Dalcos and Siemens join forces to set a new standard for coil-fed punching systems.

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The first coil-fed punching machine. Efficient, Ecologic, Powerful. Maximum production efficiency is always ensured by in-line machining, which achieves up to 100% optimization of the material.

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Compact and easy-to-use. Coil-fed punching machine with hydraulically operated toolheads, produced by Dalcos since 1988.

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Laser cutting machines


Not just a laser cutting system from coil. In the words of our customers, this extraordinary machine is a real cashflow generator: material savings of over 20%,
optimal management of long products and thin and delicate materials and also reduction to the minimum of manpower.

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Simplicity meets state-of-the-art laser cutting technology. High-speed cutting and energy efficiency as well as constant incredibly high precision. Unprecedented production flexibility with the freedom to process either coils or standard size sheets.

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Automatic sorting and separating system for the laser cutting machines. Exclusive patented technology for suspended laser
cutting that cuts the material without requiring any support.

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Material optimization, Productivity and Flexibility. All in one. The first in the world to combine the efficiency of the EXN electric punching system with the flexibility of the LXN in-line laser cutting system and double the output rate thanks to the special configuration with independent modules.

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