The highest efficiency systems from coil,
since 1988.

Specialists in sheet metal coil-fed punching, laser cutting and combined systems that eliminate material waste, automate your cutting department and make your production much more profitable.
Dalcos is a brand belonging to the Dallan group and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
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Punching & Laser solutions for Sheet Metal Coils.

Punching machines

Dalcos offers you the widest range of coil-fed parametric punching machines thanks to over 35 years of experience. Dalcos punching machines guarantee the highest productivity and efficiency compared to traditional technologies and material savings of up to 20% and more. Discover the complete range of hydraulic and servo-electric punching machines that allow you to save up to 70% in terms of electricity!
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Laser cutting machines

The range of Dalcos coil-fed lasers has been expanded and completed during 10 years of development and continuous investment. The vision system is patented and is the only one that allows you to use 100% of the material, right up to the edge, even on very long products. Also discover the suspended laser cutting system for thin materials and zero flashback!
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Dalcos was the first company in the world to introduce the combined coil-fed punching and laser system and even today, thanks to the vision system, you can count on the most precise and productive systems, where the punching and laser cutting processes are perfectly aligned and run simultaneously! Learn all about this unique, patented technology!
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Coil fed production systems for thin sheet metal that create value.

Studied, designed and made in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.

Your success, our pride.

The relationships we build with our customers are partnerships that last decades: read about our customers’ experiences with Dalcos and the machines of the entire Dallan group directly from them!

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The Manufacturing Efficiency Blog

The first Blog entirely dedicated to Production Efficiency in the world of sheet metal.

Here, you’ll find collections of articles, case studies and detailed analyses that will allow you to introduce simple and innovative concepts in your sheet metal processing department: subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of the page to keep yourself up to date!

How to Calculate the Shear Force for a Punching Tool for Thin Materials

I will now show you a very simple formula to calculate the shear force for a high turret punching tool. From my experience, the accuracy of this formula is sufficient […]

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La punzonatura da coil efficiente Dalcos

The efficient coil-fed Punching

Dalcos Coil Punching Machines – Saving Raw Materials, Parametric Programming, and High Production Speed Punching technology from coils has been a specialty of the Dallan group for thirty years: today, […]

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Dalcos Punching Machines

Dalcos coil-fed punching machines: raw material savings, parametric programming, and high-speed production

Coil-fed punching technology has been a specialty of the Dallan group for thirty years. Nowadays, they are even more efficient, versatile, and productive. If you produce using sheet-fed punching machines […]

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Combo Dalcos

Coil punching machine combined with laser cutting: combined cutting systems with independent machines 

Sometimes it seemed as though companies that wished to solve a problem related to productivity or efficiency had to put flexibility to one side.  The introduction of lasers solved this […]

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