The correct feeding of the different materials available on the market is at the core of the precision
of Dalcos punching machines.

VEGA bi-alternating clamp feeder.

Top-level performance.

The VEGA bi-alternating clamp feeder is one of Dalcos’s historic innovations. The system works in a simple manner, using a brushless motor connected to a precision recirculating ball screw, with right and left threading which feeds even very thin materials, starting from 0.3mm, with extreme precision.

AR-SPEED roller feeder.

Speed in name and in fact.

When products are very long and require little processing or when they require a limited number of returns, Dallan AR-SPEED is the best system for excellent precision and speed performance thanks to its two opposing motorised rollers.

Feeder with built-in A-ERGO straightener.

Powerful and compact.

The feeder with built-in straightener is suitable for processing thicker materials, up to 4mm. Its robust design, excellent straightening results and speed have contributed to the success of this machine, which is used in many Dallan systems.

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