All Dalcos punching machines are constructed for mounting different sizes
of standard thick turret tools.

Type of tools: standard thick turret.

For more than twenty years, Dallan has chosen to use standard thick turret tools for its punching machines. These tools are affordable, available worldwide and their measurements are identified by letters of the alphabet, each of which determines the maximum size of the shape that can be punched:

• Type “A”, 12.7mm diameter
• Type “B”, 31.7mm diameter
• Type “C”, 50.8mm diameter
• Type “D”, 88.9mm diameter
• Type “E”, 114.3mm diameter
• Type “F”, 152.4mm diameter

These tools can also perform deformations, up to a total height of 4.5mm.

The tools are installed in special Dallan ARC tool holder arches, which guarantee perfect alignment of standard tools and dies and, therefore, greatly extend the life of the tool, which needs periodic sharpening, compared to any other system.

These arches, made from self-lubricating material, are processed in a machine tool so as to obtain the seat for the punch and the die in a single operation: the project and processing have been perfected over the course of over twenty years so that they always guarantee the best performance on the market.

Many manufacturers also offer multitools, i.e. “D” type stations that include 8,10 and up to 20 smaller tools. Some Dallan machines also allow the use of Dallan compatible multitools.

Below is a list of manufacturers of tools for Dallan machines:

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