Laser cutting 9 March 2022

That’s why Coil to Laser cutting systems allow you to save up to 25% of raw material

Coil laser cutting Dalcos

We are very familiar with the advantages and flexibility of laser cutting.

2D laser cutting lines starting from sheets have been on the market for thirty years now, so we are able to immediately identify which products are most suitable for this technology.

Coil laser cutting systems, on the other hand, are less well known having arrived on the market only eight years ago.

Together with our customers, we immediately realized that Coil to Laser offers enormous advantages in the optimization of the raw material.

And today, when the prices of raw materials are higher than ever, being able to save even just 10% of the raw material would represent a huge advantage on the cost price.

What we are verifying is that the savings on average exceed 16% and, very often, reach 25%!

How is this great result achieved?

Clear: the product must be suitable for Coil to Laser technology, and the greatest advantages are obtained for very long products.

In fact, in these cases, working with sheetfed machines, it is necessary to keep in stock an enormous number of different sheet formats, which have, especially in this period, very long delivery times!

And when we do the nesting inside the sheet, it is almost impossible to perfectly optimize the sheet.

By working with Coil to Laser technology, on the other hand, we can cut from the coil only the material we need to make the product.

But beware: not all Coil to Laser systems are the same!

In fact, we find machines that work only small portions of tape at a time, a feature that does not make them effective for production speed and that much less allows them to offer good precision.

Other machines, on the other hand, have a large surface for handling, but rely on lateral guides to control the belt, which greatly limits the precision of production

Finally, there are the Dallan Coil to Laser systems: not only do they have a large work surface and do not rely on the precision of the machining to side guides.

Dallan machines, in fact, use a vision system to check the position of the belt, which makes it possible to work the entire belt, right up to the edges.

In this way we can order a tape the width of our final product, going to really use 100% of the material.

Furthermore, with the vision system it is possible to create very long products with very high precision, using the vision system for centering.

Do you want to find out more about this extraordinary system?

Contact our technicians at, and we will check together how your products can be advantageously processed with this modern technology!

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