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Laser cutting machines and systems

Laser cutting Machines and Systems Dalcos

Laser cutting systems

The laser cutting system for sheet metal allows to obtain any cut on flat sheet metal shape cuts, and since they work the product on a plane, they are also called 2d laser cutting machines.

To cut sheet metal, these machines use a concentrated and, as we say technically, “coherent” beam of light.

In the past, laser cutting systems used a beam generated by a CO2 source (CO2 laser) and were called CO2 laser cutting systems.

The laser beam was moved in X and Y above the sheet with a CNC control: this technology gave excellent results in production but had the problem of very high maintenance costs for the realization of each product.

Most modern fiber laser cutting technology, called fiber laser, now uses a glass fiber to amplify the beam of light. It allows to have high cutting speeds, very low management and maintenance costs and allows a much higher flexibility of use than the CO2 laser. It is this second technology that Dallan laser cutting machines use!

Furthermore, in the market you will find many manufacturers offering sheet metal laser cutting systems.

They are indeed very popular, but they have a problem: they cut the products on a 2d sheet of finished size, usually 1.5x3m.

In many cases it is very difficult to optimize management, and this produces a lot of waste!

Dallan’s laser cutting systems from coil

At Dallan, on the other hand, we have specialized from the very beginning in coil laser cutting: this technology allows us to produce a series of products one after the other, on the belt, and many times eliminating waste!

The material savings are enormous.

Dallan’s laser cutting systems are very high productivity solutions, where a CNC control takes care of unwinding the reel, feeding, and straightening the tape, 2D laser cutting with very high-level results in terms of productivity and precision!

In fact, the Dallan laser cutting system includes a patented vision system that allows you to read the edge of the belt and perform all the processes with the utmost precision.

The performance of the system – 100% Industry 4.0 – is also due to the very intelligent automation solutions: from the storage system to the most advanced sorting system that allows the ready product to be stacked one by one.

The vision system together with the fiber laser technology always allows to obtain excellent cutting quality, such as not often requiring further processing such as, for example, polishing.

The CNC Laser is a very flexible technology, and allows you to cut many different materials and different thicknesses: for this reason, Dallan also offers its Service with remote assistance, to assist all its customers when it is necessary to cut a new material and obtain the highest cutting quality.

The Dallan LXN solution is unique of its kind: in fact, as a 2D laser cutting machine it allows you to work not only the Coil, but also the sheets!

The Coil, in fact, is fine when we have medium-large quantities.

For small quantities, we have in fact introduced a sheet metal introduction system with a roller table where we can place even a single sheet!

This is introduced into the machine and centered, thanks to our vision system, unique in the market, with the highest precision.

If you want to know more about our laser cutting systems, contact us at: or visit the dedicated area of our website.

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