The revolutionary suspended cutting system for thin coils.

Suspended cutting system for thin coils: the automatic system for separating and sorting your laser-cut products


Revolutionary and Exclusive.

The new Dalcos LXN laser system, equipped with the Powersort automatic separation and sorting system, allows the processing of thin materials ranging from 0.15 mm up to 2 mm simply, quickly and fully automatically. Thanks to the exclusive patented technology for suspended laser cutting, the material is cut without any support and with many unique advantages!


The latest Dalcos technological evolution in the laser sector is suspended sheet metal cutting. This exclusive system allows the processing of thin sheet metal with numerous advantages:

  • Processing thin materials up to 0.15 mm in thickness
  • Elimination of the flashback effect
  • Simple and fast elimination of the waste skeleton
  • Simple separation of the finished parts

Thanks to the new Powersort system applied to the Dalcos LXN laser cutting lines, the material is machined while suspended. This offers many advantages in terms of precision and improved production cycle.

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