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VIDEO – Focus on the ELXN combo punch/laser machine operation

In this article Andrea Dallan introduces the Dalcos ELXN punch/laser combo system and its unique features.

Dalcos presented the world’s first coil fed punching/laser combo system in 2014, and since then it has been improved to reach even better performance, unique in the market.

Punching from coil with, together with the laser cutting, gives you three main advantages: material saving, high production speed and flexibility. Discover how this innovative system can enhance your business!

Main Advantages:

Material Saving

Working form coil is an efficient and lean solution that allows you to produce in a continuous way with the possibility to optimize the material up to 100% by using the coil edges.

Furthermore, in many applications, this solution guarantees better performance than traditional machines, generating material savings form 16% to 22%. It means less scraps and more revenue.

Production Speed

The extremely high production speed is guaranteed by coil fed production and the combined punching and laser technologies.

The exclusive layout of the Dalcos ELXN lets the simultaneous operation of the punching and laser modules. In this way there are no downtimes during the production cycle guaranteeing the best performance possible in speed production.

In our previous case study we saw how the Dallan ELXN machine can improve the production performance up to 100% than traditional production systems.


The Dalcos ELXN system consists of two independent machines. This means that with the configuration we are showing you today, you can operate the punching machine from coil and stack the parts, while using the laser module as a sheet fed laser on sheets up to 4 meters long.

Combo Machine Operation

The Dalcos punch/laser line starts with a decoiler and straightener and can handle coils from 0,6 to 5mm thickness.  After the loop, the strip enters the feeder which controls the positioning in X.

punch/laser combo machine overview

Punching module: Dalcos EXN

In the punching module the tools are standard thick turret style, and they are assembled on the carriage that moves in the Y direction. Here we can perform holes, forming and tapping operations.

punching machine: standard tools detail

After the product is punched, it is cut by the shear.
Then, there is the first intelligent stacking unit, that in this case also transfers the punched sheet to the laser.

On the second roller table the sheet is aligned and inserted into the laser module.

Laser cutting module while cutting the material

Laser module: Dalcos LXN

The Dalcos LXN module is here in the 3kW version. It includes a camera measuring system that reads the position of the pre-cut holes, and sets the position of the laser cutting operation to the pre-cut holes. The material moves on supporting blades that move together with the material.

Intelligent discharger system with hydraulic table

Once the laser cutting has ended, the material is delivered to the second intelligent stacker that can position in up to 9 different positions, here with a length of 5 meters.

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