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LXN III: the ultimate coil laser cutting machine

After one full year of prototyping and tests, we are proud to present to our public the new Dalcos LXN III.! This extraordinary piece of Technology incorporates all the Dalcos’ […]

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Dalcos EXN II Coil punching machine

Punching machines for sheet metal coil

Punching machines are widely used for creating holes, notches and embossed features on sheet metal. Traditionally, punching machines work from metal sheets that move in the X and Y direction […]

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Coil-fed Punching versus Sheet-fed Punching machine and Press

We’re accompanied by Andrea Dallan in this new video as we take a look at the different systems for punching flat sheets and the relative quantities of products, manufactured in […]

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Sheet metal working: where is 15,9% of raw material being wasted?

In the sheet metal industry, traditional production processes start from metal sheets, with punching and laser cutting machines. The scrap generated in the process can reach 15% and more: parts […]

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Dalcos ELXN

VIDEO – Focus on the ELXN combo punch/laser machine operation

In this article Andrea Dallan introduces the Dalcos ELXN punch/laser combo system and its unique features. Dalcos presented the world’s first coil fed punching/laser combo system in 2014, and since […]

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Metal Laser Cutting: Dalcos Technology & Evolution with Vision Systems

The market of metal laser cutting machines is undergoing considerable growth, thanks to the cost optimization and refinement of the technologies involved. Laser cutting technology is now, not only more […]

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Coil fed laser and punching: how to generate 197.400 Euro in profits per year

New and innovative technologies can increase the competitiveness and profits for OEMs and sheet metal fabricators. In my previous article, I showed how the material savings can reach as much as 15,9% when […]

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Powersort: Lean technology for DALCOS laser cutting machines

Separating and Sorting system COMING IN 2018 In 2018 Dallan will present the exclusive POWERSORT® technology for Dalcos LXN laser systems. Dalcos has developed an innovative suspended cutting application for […]

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Sheet metal laser cutting optimization: coil-fed laser vs traditional laser

In this article we will see how coil fed laser cutting systmes are more efficient in different application ensuring a better material optimization than traditional systems using standard sheets. The following case […]

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